Monday, September 10, 2007

Waiting for Petraeus

Any minute now General Westmoreland Petraeus, lips still warm from kissing his boss' ass will give us his pep talk about Iraq. Is there any more reason to see at as more informative than the endless harangue about how much weight Don Shula lost on the Nutrasystem Diet or just how much of a sports car the latest land blimp is?

Ari Fleischer's Freedom's Watch has been hammering all morning on CNN about "they attacked US" and about how if we quit now, "it all will have been in vain."

Why bother to watch? We know what they're selling and if they were half as honest as the diet scammers, they would put up the same small print on the screen -- "Results not typical."


Intellectual Insurgent said...

Or they'd have the qualifier that says "this is a paid actor".

Capt. Fogg said...

I'm sure Petraeus is being honest in that he's not actually lying, but ask a Toyota salesman what the best car is and you know what you're going to hear. Frankly I couldn't get too far past the slogan fest and the cowardly creeps telling us all about being tough and standing up to communism and standing up to Hitler and all that other hypersimplified and tendentious claptrap.

We spent 15 years saying the Vietnamese government was making progeress in standing up so that we could stand down and all our standing up never did much in any place we tried it. Nobody really mentioned that they didn't attack us, we attacked them and "the enemy" we're supposed to stand up to is the people we say we're saving and nobody will ever mention that we've done nothing whatever to punish the people who actually did attack us.

We are too drunk on our own glory and righteousness to ever question our stupidity and of course stupid is as stupid does. We always seem to do stupid.