Thursday, September 13, 2007

Would you buy a used war from this man?

Expect to hear a lot more about the Petraeus/betray us ad in the New York Times. Expect never to hear the end of it. It's something that looks like it's got more legs than the photo of Jane Fonda on the Anti-aircraft gun. Somehow we're supposed to give him the kind of respect that asks no questions, looks at no prior performance and refrains from comparing his word to the words of others with less personal involvement. Somehow we're supposed to skulk away like a punished hound dog when blind respect for blind leaders and their sycophants is what got us involved in this mess in the first place. If past experience is any indication, we're going to be shown this ad as evidence that we "lost" the war in Iraq because of peaceniks and wimps called Bush's pet general a traitor. Our grandchildren will believe it. Our grandchildren will think it was a noble war for a noble cause and will refer to it while fighting to "Free" some other country.

The Mainstream parrots may stumble over their tongues trying to cast him in gilt bronze, but his superior officer, CENTCOM Chief, Admiral William Fallon, thinks he's an "ass kissing little chickenshit" and told him so to his face. It's going to be hard to smear Fallon with the usual slime however; he may have more than enough firepower of his own to blow any swift boats out of the water, so the media will no doubt do what it does - ignore him while parading their painted soldier.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

It seems that "ass kissing little chickenshit" is a prerequisite to being a flunky for GW and the neocons.

Capt. Fogg said...

Too true

d nova said...

funny thing bout all the ado: moveon did not originate 'gen betray us'. i'm pretty sure it started in military.

note date when i used it after hearing it on c-span said by caller who i think said she's wife of soldier or maybe some other relation.