Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Look the other way

It was a little bit of '68. It was a little bit of passion play. It was a taste of the police state and the sheep-like mental state of generation XBox, who sat there by the hundreds doing nothing but take pictures with their imported camera phones while a student had the crap beat out of him while held to the floor by a pile of University of Florida rent-a-cops who tasered and tasered and tasered him again while he screamed "let me go and I'll walk out of here."

What did he do? He ran longer than his allotted time - speaker John Kerry had given him permission to ask the final question and said it was a question worth answering. He was bubbly with enthusiasm - perhaps a little insensitive. What was the crime? Apparently it was not instant obedience to the goon squad trying to interfere with his right to free speech and peaceful assembly. Apparently he was too young to know it's the cops' country, not ours.

39 years ago Walter Cronkite told us "the whole world is watching" and they were. Today we're asking if anyone is watching, if anyone gives a damn what happens as long as their umbilical is still firmly attacked to the entertainment supply. Today I'm asking why those Nazi animals weren't confronted by thousands of angry students and forced to relinquish their prisoner. I'm asking why they're still in uniform.

Damn them and damn everyone who lets them get away with it.


Reign of Reason said...

we are a police state...

none of them should wear a uniform again.

Capt. Fogg said...

We are always in danger of becoming a police state and they have become very good at keeping us afraid so that we don't question it.