Saturday, September 22, 2007

I am not a lesbian

And neither is Hillary Clinton but what's said cannot be unsaid. In our modern world, any accusation will be believed by someone and any denial will make it worse for the accused.

There is a legendary tale about Lyndon Johnson in his early political career having "leaked" the story that an opponent had made a lifelong practice of carnal intercourse with the sows he kept on his farm. When told by an adviser that nobody would believe such a story, Johnson replied that it didn't matter, he just wanted to make the guy deny being a pig-F***er. Even if there is no evidence, one reporter after another will try to gain notoriety by asking if the rumor is true and thereby validate the hoax that there is in fact a rumor. The trick is old, but the audience is always young.

Mrs. Clinton has been studying under that great teacher of experience for a long time and is no stranger to the slinging of the slime. "People will say what they want to say," was the perfect answer and the complete truth and it avoided the dilemma of confirming by denial or confirming by refusal to comment. If the Meth-addled Ann can call John Edwards gay and get away with it, the GOP skunk works has little to lose and may have a few votes to gain by trying it on Clinton.

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expatbrian said...

I recall during the Clinton years someone quoted Bill as saying, "Hillary has eaten more p***y than I have." Don't remember who said it. Don't know if its true but it goes to your point. I never forgot it even though there was no evidence of any kind to support it.

Capt. Fogg said...

I confess I've never heard that and I thought I had heard all the scurrilous Hillary slander. Maybe the re-emergence has something to do with the reports that Condy Rice co-owns a house with a lesbian friend. Most Republican smear campaigns have an element of projection to them.

Actually I don't give a hanging chad if either or both are as kinky as a slinky and neither do most people, I hope.