Friday, September 21, 2007

Just some thoughts

Nothing is really the new anything.

Every day the universe is unimaginably bigger than it was yesterday.

Nothing you buy or do or don't do is going to "save the planet."

No one has ever succeeded in bringing back the way it used to be.

Nobody gives a damn about your diet.

There are no synonyms.

Some day there will be no Republicans.


Crankyboy said...

The iPhone is new. It's technology is state of the art - futuristic. I'm thinking aliens are giving Apple technology from the future.

Capt. Fogg said...

Until the toy companies sell you on some other consumerdroid widget.

Technology meaning colorful graphics?

I spent Monday setting up a new satellite phone system at the Red Cross building. It's much cooler - two high speed data channels and 4 voice lines simultaneously.

Today I started installing my 70CM three element Yagi for a direct satellite downlink with the LEO amateur birds - the 2 meter omni is already up. It should be quite easy to work the International Space Station too, but no songs and ringtones, sorry. I think my Yaesu FT-736 R is a bit cooler than the iToy, and my Icom IC756 ProII has a much bigger flat screen. and can transmit RTTY, PSK-31, Amtor, Clover, Packet, SS TV, SSB, CW, FM and AM from 180 meters up to 10 meters with configurable digital bandpass and roofing filters, but hey. . . you've got colorful graphics.

expatbrian said...


Now that's what I call a response. I hope you're right about the republicans but I think the entire system of government in the US will change and in the not too distant future. And after the economic collapse and the worlds response, I think the actual importance of things like the ipod will become crystal clear. As far as saving the planet, you're right again. Besides, people would rather listen to their ipod than save the planet anyway.