Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Up in Smoke

According to Levitical law, the burnt offering is to be free of any blemish or disease. This must be true whether we are talking about a goat or a Meal Ready to Eat.

The question is not whether the 400,000 NATO Standard ration packs sent to the US by British taxpayers will be acceptable to God if they are burned at a Little Rock, Arkansas FDA incinerator, but whether the rations issued to British troops and authorized to be served to American and other “coalition” troops should be acceptable unto hungry American evacuees from the Gulf Coast.

The Daily Mirror reports that the rations, some containing meat from Great Britain, Spain and Italy as well as pear juice from Israel has been impounded by the FDA and forwarded to an incineration facility as “unfit for Human consumption.”

Is the same mind-set that forbids us to order drugs through Canada made in the same factories as the pills we buy locally for reasons of safety at work here – or is this just another part of the bureaucratic ineptitude and interagency communication incompetence? Is this just more lack of leadership? Is this more go-it-alone, macho idiocy from our ruling Junta?

I report, you decide.


d.K. said...

We have become the largest country in the Third World... Congratulations to us.

Crankyboy said...

Not fit for human consumption? What's the big deal? Sounds my lunch everyday.

Capt. Fogg said...

Last year FEMA passed out tons of MRE's to anyone that drove through the Home Depot parking lot, whether they asked for them or not. Most people just wanted ice.

The elderly and those without cars got - you guessed it - nada y pues nada. Sure we volunteered to deliver meals and I spent a day doing it, but for the most part it was the most needy that got the least.

I will bet that eating British beef is safer than starvation. The military seems to think so.