Thursday, July 26, 2007

Bush secrets, Bush lies

Look at the long history of the Bush family and you see patterns. Disturbing and even horrifying patterns. It's no secret that the Bush family patriarch, Prescott Bush, was a Nazi sympathizer, involved in a New York bank that laundered money for Hitler. After a Herald Tribune story calling him "Hitler's Angel" exposed his bank as a de facto Nazi front organization, the Bush assets were seized under the Trading With The Enemy Act of 1941 . The media coverage was minimal and for over 60 years the story has been denied, but for anyone interested, the records are there and more are appearing.

The funds were returned after the war and Prescott went on to become a Senator from Connecticut using the laundered Nazi money. As Prescott's father Samuel Bush served during the First World War as a government official in charge of coordination and assistance to major weapons contractors, it's fair to say that the family tradition of profiting from war is at least of four generations standing.

Prescott Bush himself served in the military during the Great War and while he was in France, he wrote letters home bragging about his medals for bravery but had to retract the story when he was shown to be lying. He later claimed he had only been joking about his medals.

Prescott returned from the war and failed at several business ventures until his father in law got him a position as vice president of Harriman & Co which through a series of mergers became Brown Brothers Harriman & Co with Bush as a partner. This bank represented the interests of German companies including the interests of Fritz Thyssen, who had been an early financial backer of the Nazi party. Thyssen's deposits at the time were said to total aver 3 million - a very large sum at the time. Thyssen later authored the book I was Hitler's Banker.

But now for the really scary part. The BBC investigative program Document has revealed that during the Great Depression, Prescott Bush was involved in a plot which included prominent businessmen to overthrow the government of United States, replacing President Roosevelt with a fascist system like the ones they admired in Europe. He was also a supporter of Eugenics: the practice of sterilizing "inferior" people for the benefit of the "race."

I don't have to fill you in on the Bush family's continuing connection with the Military Industrial Complex, which includes Saudi arms companies and some shady deals, not to mention a very profitable war based on lies and forgeries, but you can see certain patterns in the Bush dynasty, including shady dealings with criminal governments, The use of dirty money to promote family enterprises, love of totalitarianism, lying, war profiteering and of course treason. No wonder the passion for secrecy runs so deep!

Think of impeachment not as ridding ourselves of a criminal administration, but as cutting off the head of a snake; a very big, long and dangerous snake.


expatbrian said...

It is amazing, with today's press and the current political climate, that this story and others like it are not splashed across the papers every day. Even the blogs have been remiss. Glad you brought it out and I will link to it at some point today.

d nova said...


i guess the fact that papa bush (41) bailed out o his ww2 aircraft w/o makin sure his crew got out pales in comparison....

nolocontendere said...

It's no wonder that Hunter Thompson said the whole lot of them should be boiled in oil.

Capt. Fogg said...

There's so much documentation of the Bush Crime Family and its misdeeds, it's amazing that nobody talks about it.