Friday, July 13, 2007

I am not Ron Paul

I promise I'm not. I know I've been saying the same things and you have read some of it here first, but I'm not Paul at all.

Paul Watson at Prison Planet quotes the Republican candidate as warning us against a staged, Gulf of Tonkin style attack and the subsequent invocation of martial law under Bush's Executive Order of May 9th, 2007 making him a dictator if he so chooses. No, I don't wear a beanie with a propeller on it and neither does he; we just read the news and contemplate historical precedent.

Paul also worries about severe economic consequences to any expanded military endeavors, as do I. A sense of confidence based on little but a rising Dow Industrial Average may prove very transitory if Bush's dependence on prolonging and extending war to support the economy as well as to support his sense of entitlement to ever increasing power.

As different a person from Mr. Paul as Barbara Boxer is talking impeachment - and I promise I'm not her either, nor am I Dennis Kucinich. What we all are, is a part of one of the greatest areas of unanimity ever seen in the US; the vast majority who see Bush as a loose cannon. I'd like to think that Robert Wuhl's assertion on his HBO special that incompetence is a time honored American institution and we will get through it as we did with Franklin Pierce, but I cannot. We live in a nuclear age and on a very much smaller planet. There has never been a time when a bad president; a mad president could do as much harm to everything as is the present.

There has been a lot of argument about whether Bush/Cheney has done anything that really warrants impeachment, but if you see us on the road to world war, as losing our economic leadership, moral leadership and most importantly: losing not only our civil rights but our democracy, what else can we hope for but Impeachment?

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