Thursday, July 26, 2007

This and that

"What you have right now is partisanship on Capitol Hill that quite often boils down to insults, insinuations, inquisitions and investigations," said Tony Snow and if he was aware of the irony, it wasn't visible. You see, America only despises George W. Bush and his administration of crooks and liars because they're "Liberals" and not because of anything he's done.

As I recall that was the last defense of Richard M. Nixon, the only other president to generate as much contempt through contemptible behavior as Bush. People still buy it, of course. Meanwhile the
insinuations, inquisitions and investigations that began as retaliation for forcing Nixon out of office have continued. Never mind the contempt of Congress Tony, your master has the contempt of the world.

I had a chuckle this morning reading one of my newly favorite blogs, Connecting.the Dots. The latest bizarre explanation for the claimed obesity epidemic is that knowing somebody who is fat will make you fat. That's a bit rich for my diet since for the last 25 years I've lived with someone who can eat anything and never exceed 100 pounds while I have to starve, but Robert Stein, the brilliant blogger and journalist, gives me just the advice I want to hear. Forget diets, just avoid Sumo wrestlers and hang around fashion models.

It may be titled the Accura Sports Car Challenge, but as usual, the first two GT-1 cars across the finish line were Corvettes. The 7th straight win this season and with a new track record. It was the 5th straight victory for the Corvette factory team at Mid Ohio. This leaves the American guys with 146 championship points versus 19 points for the second place Aston Martin team. It's on to Elkhart Lake on August 11th. I wonder how much American world domination it takes for looserhood to sink into the heads of the Europhiles? Perhaps Ann Coulter will vote Democratic before that happens.


expatbrian said...

Off the subjects at hand, I assume you are a racing fan. My experience there is extremely limited but about to get better.
1/4 mile stocks a few times as a kid in San Jose, drags at Fremont drag strip a few times, and only once did I see Formula 1 at Laguna Seca. Loved it. Now F1 is coming to Singapore and I'm looking forward to it.

Capt. Fogg said...

I had a reworked '93 Corvette that was drag raced - formally and informally. Sports car racing and particularly endurance racing is what interests me the most and for years American cars have dominated - yet somehow people are stuck in the 80's and don't have a clue.

I find it odd and frustrating that I know Europeans who race Aston Martins and they're in awe of Corvettes. Here it's the opposite and people with family sedans and Porsche Boxters who can't follow me through a highway on ramp snicker at my Corvette.

It's the same people who wave flags who follow the religion of American inferiority.