Monday, July 30, 2007

The Constitution - best if sold by Bush - no preservatives

I've had it with these people. I'm packing, I'm pissed and I'm going to pistol whip the next nattering nitwit who says "Liberal Media" within my range of hearing - and that's only if I'm in a good mood.

The Associate Press issued this gem yesterday, just in time to spoil my breakfast. Appearing in the "Notoriously Liberal" Palm Beach Post and many other print and broadcast media, the headline reads "Bush Pushes Bill to adapt Surveillance Law to Tech Age." Apparently "Tech Age" means an age without protection from being spied upon at the unfettered whim of the President.

The Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, which at present provides the legal basis for Bush's enormous wiretapping program, says the article ". . .allows information about terrorists' communications to be collected without violating civil liberties." "This law is badly out of date."

Democrats, says the AP in passing, want to insure that any changes do not give the executive branch unfettered surveillance powers. Democrats; they mention Democrats as though two thirds of the nation didn't think Bush was stomping all over law and order and liberty with those shiny new two thousand dollar Lucchesi boots. It takes a certain kind of arrogance to marginalize the majority, to pretend the rarely equaled public distaste for a president gone wild is some insignificant product of a fringe minority's bias. It takes a Republican dominated, war mongering, freedom hating press.

Larded with the administration's rationalizations about why Bush needs unrestricted and extra-constitutional powers, along with repeated digs at the Democrats for being behind this unpatriotic obfuscation, the article concludes with a quote from John Boehner saying
"Rather than learning the lessons of September 11 - that we need to break down the bureaucratic impediments to intelligence collection and analysis - Democrats have stonewalled Republican attempts to modernize FISA and close the terrorist loophole."
Apparently that loophole consists of the already slim protection you have against the random curiosity of the Government; against the abuse by a government who really has no reason to believe you're a "terrorist" but just wants to know and doesn't want to be bothered explaining to anyone as annoyingly unpatriotic as the courts why it's reading your e-mail.


Anonymous said...

How's that Hope and Change workin out for you there Moron?

Capt. Fogg said...

Only on the Web can a guy with an IQ of 167 and a net worth of over ten million be called a moron by some anonymous mediocrity. Do you really, really think that was some sort of witty comment?

I hope you're holding your breath while you're waiting for the prosperity Reaganomics was supposed to bring, of for that liberal western Democracy we were going to bring to Iraq or for Osama to die of old age, you pathetic, half-witted nobody.