Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Sales figures

Is the Surge getting harder to sell? It's hard to gauge the feelings of the troops who aren't being polled and whose blogs are censored, but there are indications. IraqSlogger relates that plain spoken and plainly anti-War Republican candidate Ron Paul seems to be raking in donations from military personnel. 50% of all the donations by the military are winding up in Paul's camp.
"One might think such criticism of the war and the Commander-in-Chief's leadership would make Paul a pariah to the military community, however, the latest figures indicate the antiwar Republican is receiving more donations from employees of the US military than any other Republican candidate."
Perhaps the people on the scene have more trouble maintaining their faith in Bush and his military brilliance than those safely removed from the carnage.

Meanwhile, as The Reaction points out, General Peter Pace continues to sing the jingle and the lyrics now tell us that it's working so well we should have some more. Great idea, but I'm not buying.


d nova said...

yeah, i heard that pace thing on the radio.

it's einstein's definition of insanity all déjà vu'd over again.


Intellectual Insurgent said...

They just need to get a new marketing team. :-)

expatbrian said...

The republican military families, while feeling the need to support Bush on the outside, want their loved ones out of harms way as much as anyone else and are supporting the guy who is not afraid to say he will do it. As far as I can see, Ron Paul is the only Repub candidate that is a true threat to the Dems on election day. I would much prefer that Rudy or one of the other losers win their nomination because they wouldn't stand a chance against ANY of the leading Dems.