Friday, July 06, 2007

Jingo Joe's Crusade

"When Congress reconvenes next week, all of us who are privileged to serve there should set aside whatever partisan or ideological differences divide us to send a clear, strong and unified message to Tehran that it must stop everything it is doing to bring about the death of American service members in Iraq."

That's what Jingo Joe Lieberman opines in his WSJ op ed piece today. I'm sure Mr. Ahmedinejad will smile at the "Chutzbah" as they say in Farsi. If Congress somehow does send that unified message, he will be able to file it along with the message we sent Iran by removing an elected government and installing a King and along with the message we sent by openly supplying Saddam Hussein in a bloody, protracted and chemical war against them. "don't stand up to US aggression" is just what he needs to read to his people in the interest of restoring anti-American unity.

It's not so much that I doubt the reassurance that there are Iranian made arms in Iraq that are traceable to government support of any particular insurgency, though of course I do, but that I doubt everything we are told and have ever been told about that conflict. Lieberman's choice of words; phrasing Iranian arms deals, Iranian reaction to what they see as aggression right on their border as "bringing about the death of American Service Members" is a grandstand play. As I said, it deconstructs to and is received as "don't resist our aggression into your world or we will kill you."

What answer do we expect other than "if you want to spare American troops, get the hell out" when we describe our "mission" just like another Crusade?


d.K. said...

Yes, how about beginning the apolitical to Tehrahn by beginning wtih the apology for installing the Shah, such as Ron Paul suggested to uniform boos at a recent Republican presidential debate? And go from there...

And Lieberman is about as partisan as they come -- we just haven't figured out which side he's against this week.

Capt. Fogg said...

Which side is he against? Depends on what side honesty, sanity and ethics are on.