Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Impeachment now

" Please," Bush whimpered, his face contorted in mocking the desperation of Karla Faye Tucker's, plea for commutation "don't kill me." Perhaps his higher father was out back smoking a cigarette and missed his regular consultation with George Bush, but Christian George had no intention of exercising the slightest trace of compassion or mercy. The State of Texas went ahead and killed her as it does so very often despite major concerns about due process, the quality of the defense or the quality of the evidence. Not only does bush not care, he thinks it's funny.

It's not funny of course when one of his made men fac
es a prison sentence for helping to cover up an impeachable offense by anyone in the Executive or Cheney branches of government. The man who made such a fuss about judges sticking to strict sentencing guidelines, feels that under the circumstances, the strict sentencing guidelines adhered to by a strictly non-activist Republican judge were excessive.

Of course nearly 80% of the people who responded to the CNN poll as of this morning, feel Bush is wrong to have let Scooter scoot, but as we kno
w, the 20% who support him in this and other atrocities would do so if he sprouted horns and hooves.

What can I add to this that hasn't been reported, analyzed, blogged and bloviated to death? There's only one thing left to be said; only one course of action left to a nation under attack by domestic enemies. Impeachment now while there's still time.


d.K. said...

The joking about clemency for Karla Faye Tucker is forever seared into my memory. It was that cavalier approach to an imminent death, which he could have done something about, that first showed me what evil lay behind that smirk. Now, he's added thousands to the hundreds of deaths he oversaw. Must make for some great, great cocktail conversations at the White House, where he gets inebriated on his power over the lives of others. Sick bastard.

Capt. Fogg said...

All the supporters who just now figured out that Bush is a bastard, a crook, an incompetent and a liar have a lot to answer for. Some of us saw through him a long long time ago.

mrsleep said...

Libby was the fall guy. Yes, he was judged guilty, as should have served his sentence.

View this as a War, the War on the Rule of Law, and enforcing the Rule of Law in this nation.

The Supreme Court will be the "decider" in this one. We will find out if the U.S. is a joke or not in the publics eyes, or the worlds eyes.