Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The Alaskan Candidate

The Wasilla Assembly of God, the church in which Sarah Palin grew up and where she claims to have been "saved" and where she has given many a sermon herself, has taken down their web site that formerly carried video of her rather hair-raising speeches, but you can still still see video of her praying for dollars (30 billion of them actually) at the Huffington Post.

That church, very proud of their Stepford Governor and the intense programming that produced her is known for certain opinions and for portraying Jesus as being "in war mode" left us with a page admonishing us that God wants obedience to political leaders because God selected them all.

This afternoon, some talking head told me she represents America. I wonder if any statements ever made were more contradictory to the ideas behind our founding.

There's something quite chilling about listening to some perky little voice speaking utter madness as though she were discussing sports scores, but that's Sarah Palin. That's what she does and what she's about. It's what her church trained her to accept gleefully and without question or introspection or scruple.

If you want to see how well she fits with traditional American values, Simply compare Tom Paine, Thomas Jefferson, or any of those whose erudition and philosophy created this country through disobedience to authority and the creation of a state where authority comes from down here, not up there; compare it to what you'll read on the Wasilla Assembly of God site: As believers, we are reminded in 2 Peter 2.13 that we are to submit to those in authority.

We are here as Americans because we didn't, We created this country by denying precisely what these cheerful subversives advocate - the divine right of rulers. Sarah is so profoundly ignorant of American history that she thinks George Washington was responsible for the Pledge of Allegiance and she's so profoundly opposed to the ideas that created this country that as her pastor brags, she puts Jesus first: before America, before you and me and our families; before peace, prosperity, justice, compassion and stewardship of nature. She puts her twisted views of Jesus before her governorship and would certainly put it before her duties as the president of a free and secular republic.

John Kennedy pledged to put America before his beliefs. Palin will not. All presidents must pledge to uphold and protect the constitution, she belonged to a party that advocates "biblical law" instead.

What more do you need to hear? Want to talk about flag pins or singing the anthem and "terrorist fist bumps? Want to chant liberaliberaliberal with you hands over your ears untill it all goes away?


RR said...

Great post...

These people have no idea how the nation was founded. To them we're all a bunch of sheep that should genuflect in front of authority -- any authority apparently.

The more I read about her the more I feel soiled for voting for McCain the last time he ran for the Senate... He appears to have sold out -- on everything.

Baltazar said...

I thought she was a real estate sales woman type of person but I see she is much worse..How can they win with her ?

Buffalo said...

You're doing some good writing, Capt. Keep it up.

Capt. Fogg said...

Thanks Buff.

I would have Chosen McCain over Bush but now I'm not so sure. I'm past wondering how anyone can have any respect for this party's candidates -- I'm more concerned that no matter who wins, this country is too stupid and ignorant to survive as a Democracy.