Monday, September 01, 2008

Bridge to the twelfth century

"I told Congress, thanks but no thanks on that bridge to nowhere,”

Nothing like starting your campaign with a lie. Of course anyone who can't tell the difference between thanking congress for a bridge and thanking them on a bridge should be thrown off a bridge, but that's another matter. Americans don't notice such things anyway and a correct preposition might make her seem "elitist."

Fact is, support for the bridge was part of her campaign platform and although she apparently withdrew support when it turned out Alaska might have to contribute to the project, she didn't say no to the money, or on the money, as she might be expected to phrase it. She spent it elsewhere, telling Ketchikan residents she "felt their pain." Her actions hardly qualify as the kind of "cost-cutting" she claims to support as a new leader of a party that has been party to the largest deficit spending of the last 2/3 of a century and the largest most intrusive Federal government ever.

Of course to any Republican, the past is plastic and malleable. It can be molded and shaped to create anything one likes, and indeed her personal history entry in Wikipedia was changed -- tuned up as it were, and apparently by her son the day before her selection was announced.

What reason predominated in the sclerotic mind of the Maverick when he made that selection remains a mystery, but it isn't a stretch to think that it's all about Roe V. Wade. Opposition to that by a woman seems more palatable than from another old white male Bible-thumper, but of course opposition to alternative energy and allegiance to an oil consuming empire can't be discounted.

Of course it's more important, if one has any regard for truth, decency, justice, democracy or liberty, that these people be thwarted while there's still anything left to steal. That is if you don't value your Hummer and your Church more.

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Chris said...

Re: Wiki... Rewriting the history books before anyone looks, eh? That doesn't surprise me. The Republican party has never let the truth get in the way of ideology.

To be brutally fair, I'm equally closed-minded as they. I'm at the point where if I find a friend of mine is Republican, I really have a hard time dealing with them again. I immediately assume they're ignorant, evil, small-minded, prejudiced, or simply own stock in oil. I have to fight to remind myself that people are ALL compilations of our past, and are a product of our situation in society.

Their "Us vs. Them" attitude has caught on. I'm doing it myself now. But GEEZE some of the crap the Republicans do is just so damned stupid!

We need a third party like you wouldn't believe. But the Dems who think likewise won't go for a third party 'cause they're afraid the Reps will take advantage of a split party, and vice-versa.

Sorry, I've been taking advantage of the holiday with a series of margaritas. I shouldn't drink and blog.

Capt. Fogg said...

Blogging sober might just send you over the edge. I know what you mean - I just posted at the on line site of the local paper using my real name. I'm willing to bet I'll have a few less friends by tomorrow.

I don't care. If they hate our country and our future that much I don't want to talk to them anyway.