Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Is she smarter than a 5th grader?

During these last few days, it's been hard to find some humor in the ongoing demise of the United States of America. A laugh or two can be a good thing on the way to the gallows.

So it's been good to have Sarah Palin around; not so much that her idiocy reminds me of the class screwup trying to bullshit his way out of being totally unprepared to answer the teacher's questions, but I'm amused on a daily basis by the desperate contortions of reality Republicans are forced into when attempting to justify her appointment. She's confident, she's a fighter, she will stand up to the good old boys, she has attitude; never mind that she shares all these things and more, with the exception of education and intellect, with a host of people from Che Guevara to Leon Trotsky. That bit of humor will of course be unobserved by those who share the belief that she's better off for not having graduated Summa cum Laude from Harvard.

The "gotcha journalism" gambit may work on an incident or two, like advocating the invasion of Pakistan or having no clue as to what the Bush Doctrine might be, but it's a bit flimsy when applied to her complete inability to name one Supreme Court case other than Roe V. Wade from more than 200 years of American history. Even that other class screwup, George Bush, was able to cite Dred Scott albeit in a very inarticulate and somewhat inapposite way. That yet to be aired clip would be high comedy were it not so illustrative of her real mission: to spread the fundamentalist gospel and help bring on the destruction of most of mankind by Jesus in war mode. That's why it doesn't matter that she's an uninformed mediocrity: these are the last days.

A candidate for the second highest office in the US; a candidate who may well become the next president, nuclear codes and all, who thinks The Flinstones is historically accurate is so funny that it borders on horror. I suppose the hard and irrefutable proof that such is not the case could also fall under the umbrella of the Gotcha Journalism Defense, but then the American public, particularly the public that pretends she's fit for office is far less discriminating than any elementary school teacher I can recall. Indeed most Middle School teachers can expect their students to answer questions Sarah has never heard before. Perhaps the Palinists will put on serious faces and nod when Sarah tells us that the dog ate her homework this Thursday. I can't wait. I need a good laugh and I'm ready to embrace the horror.

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d.K. said...

Does this mean you won't be following up with that purchase of a cottage in Alaska to await the Rapture with the rest of us from the Lower 48 who are saved?

rockync said...

LOL, d.k! But, leave our sunny, sinful South? Never! Hey, if God wants me, He knows where I am. :)
Fogg, you really need to have a little faith in your fellow Americans. I am concerned that this election not be skewed or stolen in any way, but if you listen to the people in the streets and cruise the blogs, etc it becomes more clear every day that McLiar/Pathetic are losing ground and that people realize that there is too much at stake to be frivolous with their vote.

Capt. Fogg said...

Not belonging to a Faith, I don't get warm feelings at the mention of the word. To me, it's an ugly thing. Faith kills. Faith robs us of ambition and absolves us of responsibility. Faith enslaves and to paraphrase Luther, it's the enemy of reason.

Yes, I will be pleased if we don't vote to continue our demise, but I don't expect it. We elected Nixon twice.

I already have a cottage in a way. It's big enough to live in and it floats and if it's going anywhere, it will be South.

rockync said...

OOOOh! So negative! I think you are using faith and religion as interchangeable. To me, they are not. I have a spiritual side that communes with God and the universe without books and rules and steeples over my head. Each day is centered on gratitude -- for every day I am alive, for every breath I take, for every person I love and who loves me.
In my universe we are all connected, brothers and sisters, citizens of the planet Earth and I know there are others out there who believe as I do. I will remain a hopeful (perhaps hopeless to you) optimist to the end when I expect to shed my earth bound body and soar as a free spirit.
So, Fogg, too New Age for you? :)

Capt. Fogg said...

Yes. A disembodied spirit is just like software running on a computer that does not exist. Something that has no properties can rightly be said not to exist.

It's faith based on no evidence that I object to; faith that defies logic and objective reality.

I see gods and spirits as psychological artifacts with no reality at all.

rockync said...

Oh, brother! Now you sound like my son, the physicist. Neither one of you can dampen my enthusiasm for life nor my belief of what comes next. "To those who believe, no further proof is necessary; to those who don't no amount of proof would be enough." I'm not sure that is the exact quote, but close enough.

Capt. Fogg said...

There is far more awe and wonder in the universe than is provided by the simple, tiny and ultimately imaginary world of gods, souls and spirits.

It's not about proof and never has been. That's an argument designed to evade the fact that there is no evidence for belief in the supernatural, no need to refer to invisible spirits and entities to explain anything and such beliefs require a nearly infinite and always expanding number of assumptions, none of which can be tested.

Fear of death and the impossibility of imagining non-existence are the sources of belief. A genetic predisposition of social animals to grovel and submit is a source, not anything real.