Monday, September 01, 2008

Ignorance is strength

That was supposed to be an ironic and humorous warning when Orwell wrote it in his book 1984. Who would imagine that someone on the staff of the most popular news network on American TV actually said it in support of Sarah Palin's qualifications to be Vice President. Her ignorance of foreign policy is so profound that anything she does accomplish will be cheered. Crazy as Fox hardly covers it any more.

One has to wonder what Fox News would say if the Republicans decided to promote Bonzo the chimp as secretary of state. There' s no doubt they'd find a reason to be just overjoyed and dismayed at the farleftliberals who gagged at it.

There's not much difference actually in Steve Doocy's Fox News jaw dropper, which now seems to have been picked up as a standard talking point by Cindy and the Delegates, and talking up a Chimp as a cabinet member; although the chimp is far more likely not to lie to you than Old Straight Talk and his aging beauty queen who have been piling up lies to match the Tower of Babel in height and incomprehensibility.

Yes, Alaska is next door to Russia and that trumps that farleftliberal elitist stuff about intelligence and education and experience as far as these demented, deranged and dimwitted Republicans are concerned. We don't need brains, we don't need knowledge, all we need is fundamentalist doctrine and Jesus will wrap up the loose ends of our disaster when he comes back next week to kill the unbelievers.

Unbelievable -- and I don't want to play poker with anyone who can deliver that line with a straight face. Of course Alaska is right next to Canada too. Don't forget Santa Claus - he's up there too.

What will the story be when he appoints some skateboarder who dropped out of High School to the Supreme Court: he watched a lot of Judge Judy? Suddenly the treasonable partisan appointments of the Bush administration seem almost statesman like. What can I call it but treason? It's a deliberate attempt to destroy American values and constitutional government and as far as I'm concerned, the media morons who keep representing this outrage as a legitimate act by a legitimate candidate with a legitimate interest in the safety and prosperity and commitment to justice of the United States of America.



Of course, I share your outrage as I am making plans to move out of country in the event the Dodo Duo achieve the unthinkable. Where to go, that is the question?

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