Monday, September 08, 2008

The candidate in the Iron Mask

Poor Little Sarah's handlers pretend that the only interest the Evil Press has in her is digging up more dirt about how well her "sex education begins at home" program worked. Can you smell the Red Herring? There are some signs that we may be able to view the candidate some time soon, but the party faithful aren't being specific. I'm sure she'll be getting a cram course and will be pulling all-nighters until later in the week so that when reporters ask her her opinion about the bailout of Freddy Mac and Fannie Mae, she can do a convincing job of pretending she knows what those entities are.

Meanwhile, campaign manager Rick Davis told us last night that what is normally afforded the press without delay will be forthcoming
"when we think it's time and when she feels comfortable doing it."
One hopes that when that 3:00 AM call comes, she will think it's time and will feel comfortable doing it.
" We run our campaign, not the news media. And we'll do things on our timetable"
said Davis. It's nice to know the Imperial Spirit is still alive amongst the Party of the People. I mean, the nerve of America, asking to know something about who the Master Party tells them God's choice is! She's against abortion - that's all the GOP is about and all you need to know.

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d.K. said...

Let's also hope that when that call comes at 3 a.m., the party on the other end deigns to show appropriate "deference", or she may just not pick up.