Tuesday, September 02, 2008

This is how it ends

As disturbing as is Mrs. Palin's former membership in The Alaska Independence Party may be, an explanation of who that party really is is far more alarming. It's basically the Constitution Party in a Parka. The goal of the Constitution Party, according to Ezra Klein is
"to restore American jurisprudence to its original Biblical common-law foundations."
That is of course complete double-talk and couldn't be flown past a competent legal historian without being swatted down like a pregnant mosquito, but it certainly fits with her views of Christian Reconstructionism, an idea I consider to be more treasonous than her support of Alaska going the way of the Confederate States of America. The AIP asserts that Alaska is not a legitimate part of the Union. Indeed, it's obvious to everyone but her fatuous supporters that her appearance with a "country First" banner clashes violently with the AIP's motto: Alaska First -- Alaska Always.

McCain's knee jerk reaction has been to deny her membership, but it would be hard to explain her having appeared at their State Convention this year by video and harder yet to discount the affirmation by the party itself. Voter records show her husband was a member as well.

The CP is a Theocratic movement, having the clearly stated objective of replacing our constitution with some vaguely defined word-wooze about Biblical authority. The AIP in addition is opposed to any environmental regulation whatsoever. It's opposed to abortions in the case of rape or murder or danger to the life of the mother. It's opposed to stem cell research.

Of course, whether or not McCain was aware of or cared about her affiliations with organizations committed to the destruction of the United States as we have known it, he was aware of her iron clad and intransigent commitment to stamping our Roe V. Wade and to something sufficiently close to Dominionism as to be indistinguishable. She's a creationist. There is evidence that she favors censorship of literature not compatible with her religious beliefs.

Did the Council for National Policy tell McCain all this when they forced this Manchurian Candidate on him, or did they simply insist that he accept her without question in return for the support of the Theocratic Right. I doubt we will ever know, but I do know that far more than being a question of whether to continue on with Failed economic policies, continually weakened civil rights, growing poverty, everlasting military conflict and shrinking liberty, this election is about the short term survival of The United States of America as a free, democratic, constitutional Republic.

The McCain ticket may be the most dangerous internal enemy this country has had, at least since the Civil war. If Americans gleefully accept this grotesque slate of candidates, it certainly deserves to descend into the third world, totalitarian morass it will inevitably experience. This is how freedom ends, not with a bang but a brass band and the cheers of the ignorant.

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