Monday, September 15, 2008

Going down slow

I have had my fun, if I never get well no more.
All my health is failin on me, oh yes, I'm goin down slow.

Please, write my mama, tell her the shape I'm in.
Please, write my old mother, tell her the shape I'm in.
Tell her to pray for me, forgive me for my sin.

-Howlin' Wolf-

Conservative financier though I may be, I'm always condemned as a Liberal by those whose ignorance, superstition and general malice has been packaged and sold as Conservatism. I'm also told that I'm cheering for America's defeat because I so often seem to be pointing to evidence that our current course will soon take us on the rocks. It wouldn't be at all surprising then if I were indeed gloating over the slow motion shipwreck that is sinking our financial institutions one by one, just as I've been predicting all these years, and for the very reasons I've given. I'm not, of course, gloating over all the suffering Republican preoccupations have been causing and will likely cause much more of. It would, I fear, take a disaster of gigantic proportions to wake them from their idiocies just enough to notice that we're not in prosperity any more. It's the rest of America that needs to know that we're taking on water faster than the pumps can handle and listing ever further to starboard. It's not Palin's daughter, it's not small town values, it's not Gay marriage, it's not selling oil leases off Florida - it's the economy, stupid. It's what the crooks and the gibbering Jeezmongers have done to the economy.

The credit crisis now has Lehman Brothers, AIG, and Merril Lynch following on the heels of Freddy Mac and Fanny Mae while the universe of public and private debt expands on a cosmic scale. It's the economy, stupid and if it can be fixed at all after 8 years of Bush's Animal House party weekends, it won't be fixed by people who brag that ""The issue of economics is something that I've really never understood as well as I should" and tell us he would rely on Greenspan while Greenspan is calling him a bungler. It won't be fixed by some corrupt small town mayor who doesn't actually know what Freddy Mac is or who owns it. and most of all it won't be fixed by candidates cramming freaky-fringe religious rubric down our throats and lying like unholy hell about what their positions were last week.

Flag pins won't save us, nor pledges nor patriotic songs, in fact the nitwit nationalism growing like a cancer in America is a part of the problem, but it's the economy and we are stupid, or preoccupied or afraid to admit just how deluded we have become since Reagan convinced all the idiots to vote Republican. They're still championing the same nonsense that blew the hole in our hull and they're still lying about what they said and did only months ago. The Republicans are still telling us it's all right, that the termite eaten structure of our economy is sound. To me it's a bit like telling the Titanic passengers that land is only three miles away -- straight down.

No, I'm not gloating, but if I'm dreaming that the earth will open up and swallow the people who perpetrated the sell-off of our birthright and our future, I think I can be forgiven.


Buffalo said...

If I ever get down your way I want to shake your hand. You are, once again, dead bang on target.

Capt. Fogg said...

Thank you - I wish I were way off base, but I don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Captain Sir.

Your problems is you let little things like facts get in the way.

We are up against the great and powerful Oz McCain campaign. Ignore the man behind the curtain.


Capt. Fogg said...

It's a strange crew behind that curtain: multinationals and other pirates, war mongers, neocons, supply side scam artists and more.

Of course for some people, Jesus is behind the curtain and Sarah is part of God's plan to make us all poor and pious so that we can go to heaven after he comes back here and kills all the Jews, heretics, Gays and Liberals.


Baltazar said...

Prosperity breeds the huge quantity's of people that don't do anything but social tricks for a living.


social tricks for a living

Does that also include performing magic tricks at funerals? But have no fear, folks. Banking is always a bit like sex ... never mind the penalty for premature withdrawal.

Capt. Fogg said...

Perhaps it also means turning tricks by political whores. But I repeat myself.

Anonymous said...

I rarely disagree with you. But in this case I take a different position. I am gloating.

Capt. Fogg said...

I started voicing concerns over the economy when Bush took office. That was before I had any idea he would take us into a war that's now about as expensive as WW II and longer.

As things began to slowly slide toward the abyss i was abused by his supporters. I was told that I and the "Liberals" were talking down the economy because we, being "Liberals" wanted it to collapse. Fox told us they could prove it because the media were telling us mostly bad news. Of course the only good news was fake news, but for the benefit of those who have been preaching supply side, borrow and burn economics and laughing at the warnings -- for those folks, I will gloat.

For all my friends and neighbors and fellow Americans who are in a bad way I won't. Unless they are Republicans.