Monday, September 08, 2008

Debt is to Republicans as blood is to vampires

The government emergency takeover of Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac will place trillions of dollars of risk on the shoulders of American taxpayers. How does this fit with the "hands off -- the market will take care of itself" twaddle we've heard from Republican pulpits since Herbert Hoover?

It doesn't, but it fits nicely with the Republican practice of saying one thing and doing another and having their constituents not notice. It certainly would have brought down fire and brimstone from Olympus if the Democrats had hinted at such "interference." Americans don't care; it's easier not to have to think that such massive failure could have resulted from Republican policies in the first place, and it's probably only God's wrath for picking on Larry Craig and Mark Foley and tolerating non-Republican homosexuals.

It's good though that Poor Little Sarah won't have to tell us her feelings about it and be exposed to any less than deferential treatment though. She won't have to answer questions about why she left Wasilla deeply in debt or whether she knows Freddy Mac from a Big Mac. We know she will feel our pain when we're out on the street, even though she won't be able to find the funds to build poorhouses and shelters because that would be like Socialism. Meanwhile we get raped at the gas station while Alaskans get a subsidy from the oil companies. I'm sure she'll she'll be able to explain the Alaska First idea as soon as she finds a deferential reporter.

McCain however, even though he brags about not understanding economics, assures us that everything is just fine and all these troubles will go away as soon as trickle down economics starts to work and the ultra rich will be able to hire you to work in their gardens and plantations after we chase out the Mexicans.

Of course your personal share of the 5 trillion, 400 billion isn't that much, but it comes on top of the monstrous war debt and John has no plan or desire to pay it down - it's cheaper and more effective to pretend it's all about those big spending Democrats.

I almost sound like I'm gloating, don't I? Perhaps I am. Perhaps the only way the good gullible citizens of Americaundergod will ever notice what's being done to them is when they're on the bread line and it's starting to get cold out. Even then they'll have the consolation of knowing that Mythology has replaced science in the schools and any 14 year old who gets knocked up by Uncle Fester won't be able to have an abortion. God will be so happy. I'll so be living in the Caribbean and laughing.


d.K. said...

And I wonder how Greenspan is spinning this?

We've learned it doesn't matter. Lie, Lie, Lie, and eventually, we'll believe it. Works every time.

Buffalo said...

And the auto makers are bellying up to the trough.

Capt. Fogg said...

Yep, you can hear the oink from here.

We haven't heard from Alan that I know of, but no, debt doesn't matter because the world's coming to an end. We don't need parks, we need pipelines and the only thing that matters is an end to gay rights and abortion.

It's all over for America