Tuesday, September 09, 2008

We Buy Old Lies

For a former news junkie, it's not easy to give up TV news, but for someone with high blood pressure, I'm afraid it's mandatory. It's not that I'm missing anything; the little cliques of talking heads aren't doing anything but pretending the propaganda is something that needs to be presented with respect to the liars who produce it. There's very little coverage of anything else. There may well be laws against repackaging canned cat food as Fillet Mignon, but there's no law, for instance, against presenting McCain's tax proposals as though they really were lowering taxes more than Obama's. There's no law forcing the media to do the math and present it to us and if they do, they'll probably be dismissed as "Liberal."

Still, you can't avoid that GOP stench unless you do as I now do: record it all and skip through the commercials. Still, when you're a hurricane target and you're "in the cone" (all Floridians know what that means) you watch the weather reports and you endure the crudely fashioned ads insisting that St John and Sarah Magdalene are "mavericks" and reformers while the Democrats won't balance the budget as Republicans do and will get us into huge debt as Republicans never do. I assume the media aren't dissecting those claims either.

They also aren't telling you how the Maverick Reformer Palin billed the State for attending basketball games and dogsled races. There have been bills of $45,000 picked up by the state so that her daughter and husband could attend a Thanksgiving game and her husband has run up bills of a similar amount. So much for being a cost cutter in a state that claims not to be able to afford to help unwed teenage mothers and of course she really didn't sell the state plane for a profit on eBay like Smilin' Jack told us. No wonder she has to be kept in a bunker until the shredding is done.

But what's the point? Is the country even worth saving from itself? I'm already preparing to leave and who would want to come back to a hellhole full of religious doodlebugs where the Statue of Liberty holds a banner saying: We Buy Old Lies.


expatbrian said...

We've got a couple of great marinas here in Singapore, Cap'n and my door is always open.

Capt. Fogg said...

A yacht that could cross the Pacific would be a wee bit beyond my budget - unless it was a sailboat and then my wife would refuse to go.

When I show up in Singapore it will have to be on a cruise ship and I do plan to do that one of these days.

I just hope it's as a tourist and not a refugee.

expatbrian said...

The Star Cruise Line port is only a few minutes from me. Keep me informed.