Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lay off my kid -- screw everyone else's

The Palins are quite happy to tell you how they will provide support for their unwed teenage daughter and her soon to be pushed into marriage husband. Gee, that's big of them, but too bad these elitist bastards want to make it as hard as possible for underage parents not possessed of well to do and politically connected families to have the same benefit.

I read in the Washington Post that Governor Sarah vetoed a line item in an Alaska spending bill last April that would have helped provide temporary shelter for teen age mothers with no place to go. Thanks for the "cost cutting" Governor! You're happy to take federal earmarks for useless projects, but children in need can just die and decrease the "sinning" population. No wonder the Republicans love you.

Of course McCain opposes spending a dime on sex education or on preventing teen pregnancies and that fits' with silly Sarah's desire to substitute Biblical Law for our Constitution. I can only wonder whether that includes blowing up sinful cities, letting loose plagues, floods and imposing other disasters on the sinful multitudes just to keep them in place until Jesus comes back to kill most of us.

The media should lay off people's children, they say - not that the Republicans have ever considered private life to be anything but fodder for politicians and biblical blowhards. So I don't particularly feel like leaving her private life alone and that goes for members of her party who would deprive all of us of any kind of privacy or personal choice. If she and her theocratic insurgents in the Constitution Party and the Republican Party want to use our young people as sacrifices in their crusade -- making sure they are barefoot, ignorant and pregnant -- everything is fair game.


Anonymous said...

Your analysis is spot on. The cleverest reference I found to Ms Palin, is Caribou Barbie.


** Hope you are all dried out!!!

Capt. Fogg said...

Barbie indeed, only dumber and more evil

We have another hurricane arriving tomorrow night and then another after that.