Friday, September 19, 2008

Relief is just a swallow away

Well, what a relief - the Dow is on its way back up and that means things are getting better, right?

I'm not swallowing the Kool-Aid medicine, but I am chuckling to think that the party whose backbone for so many years has been that government intervention is bad; a party who has been screaming that government is part of the problem, not part of the solution and that an offer of government help is the scariest thing in the world, is now proposing that we get out of our troubles by starting another huge agency for the bailing out of institutions that got into trouble because of deregulation. We are to escape from a world of debt, by handing the taxpayers another mountain of bad debt and yet another level of hack-packed bureaucracy.

Is this any different than getting a new credit card to charge the payments we can't afford to make on the old credit cards? A financial apocalypse won't arrive on horseback, it may well arrive by not arriving. When foreign buyers spurn our debt instruments we're in the deep stuff and repackaging bad debt isn't, in my opinion, going to make an attractive product.

If I were ever to feel even a grudging respect for the Republican geniuses who have been selling us war and indebtedness, it would come only if that party acknowledged that their foreign and economic policies have been wrong from the beginning, and not just in their implementation but in principle. Yes, I know.

A majority of Americans may believe in the reality of Guardian Angels, but I don't. I believe in getting out while the getting is good.


Anonymous said...

Rest well tonight, my fellow Americans! The world-be next First Idiot, John McCain, has a plan to fix the financial crisis. Is he going to make the SEC and FTC actually do their jobs of regulating? Oh, heaven forbid no! No, my friends, the champion of small government, a man who has derided the Democrats his entire career because they are supposedly the champions of Big Government (hissssssssssssssss!), has decided - waiiiiit for it - we need a new government agency to save us!

Can this clown be anymore pathetic. McCain proved beyond a doubt today that he would make a terrible president. (well, his selection of the gun-toting, moose-killing hockey moron from Almost Russia should have been the tip-off for us.)

Capt. Fogg said...

The only thing more pathetic is believing anything the Republicans say any more.

The Prophet said...

This banking/ finance/ wall street bailout by the American Tax payer ( by the order of George Bush and his banking cronies) reminds me of a story of a girl in Pakistan. Her brother was accused of having some kind of a realtion with a lady in a wealthy family, as a result the local court (jirga) decided that the girl must be raped to pay for her brother's indescretion, and she was subsquently gang raped by four or five guys, only here they have taken the matter a bit further, they want the American public, not only to have to support that sister's baby, they want us to marry her, supprot and raise her child, and also rejoice in its birth, thus the stock market rally.

Anonymous said...

She was railing today at a rally with a gleam in her eye about Iran. She likes to kill things. She likes to kill animals. What are people? A a form of domesticated animal but animals nonetheless. McCain looks like he has his eyes closed most of the time, when he's not checking out her physique. He can't see the gleam in her eyes. She is just itching to kill some people. Iranians or whatever. Scary. She can't become our leader. If she doesn't kill something after awhile she gets antsy, edgy. Real scary. Send her back to Alaska.

RR said...

I posted on this topic a couple hours before reading yours...

I think it poetic that the party of the "free market" has instituted socialism on a scale to rival the New Deal: the US gov now owns more than 50% of US mortgages... and 80% of the largest insurer in the world.

Who needs far-left liberals when Republicans are in power?

Capt. Fogg said...

Scary analogy Prophet - but I get the point.

Shooting wolves from airplanes is a good thing according to six-gun Sarah. It's hard to justify that by saying it's for food, because it isn't.

And yes, this trillion dollar "bailout" has nationalized more assets than Castro ever could if he lived to be 200.

And of course it's OUR billion dollars. Think of what we could have done with it if we didn't have to keep the pirates in business.

Anonymous said...

When will the public learn that the Government has an effective role and that regulations are necessary for clean air and water, clean business practices, national defense and a like.

Sorry to tell the stupid but tax's are necessary to pay for that and the other services people expect when things go wrong.

I am also tired of cleaning up those States that brag about low tax's but have their hands out when they cannot afford to take care of themselves, like Florida, Texas, etc.

Dan said...

When the government makes these bail-outs everday, it certainly is making Barack Obama look more an more like a Messiah.

Capt. Fogg said...

It's true - they delude themselves about smaller government, but they really mean free government.

Actually anyone would look like a messiah compared to the bozos we're being offered by the Republicans.