Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's my party and I'll lie if I want to

They're taking the girl from the streets of London to Ascot and passing her off as a debutante. A few weeks of diction lessons, some new clothes and they can pull it off, but for Chrissakes, don't let her say more than two words to anyone! No cameras, no audio, no reporters to observe what fork she uses, what diphthongs she distorts -- and be careful to introduce her to the Duke and the Dauphin so she won't mistake them for the Prime Minister.

Yes, you've seen the Broadway show, the movie, but no, this isn't a bet between two upper class gentlemen over brandy and cigars at the Reform Club. It's a bunch of thugs, goons, warmongers, Jesocrats, robber barons and Mafiosi trying to pass off the most unsuitable major candidate in American history as a statesman by pretending she's having substantive conversations with important people.

Palin's crew locked out AP and CNN from her introduction to Mohmmad Karzai today before they could catch her picking her nose on camera or asking the President of Afghanistan how things are in Australia. She will go through the same farce with other leaders tomorrow and her supporters and other damned fools will look shocked if we mention the absolutely unprecedented ( at least in America ) attempt to usher a candidate into office with no questions asked.

No, it's not a couple of tweedy old professors playing condescending games with the proles, it's the outfit; the wise guys taking over the country of the gleefully oppressed.

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mrsleep said...

The heck with Palin.

The real game is McCain & Obama. Biden is sure as heck proving to be a putz.

The first debate is Friday. We all hope this is a difference maker.

Here we have the alltime slamdunk decision for a Presidential election, and we have a damn horse

mrsleep said...

race (although that last word could have been arse)

Capt. Fogg said...

I'm hoping Friday will make a difference too, but I'm also afraid of being too optimistic.

Anonymous said...

I just hope Obama comes out swinging, and if so, I'll take what we can get. We should have a pool though to see how many times POW comes up.


Capt. Fogg said...

I hope Johnny says it a hundred times. It backfired for Rudy and it will backfire for him because if at any time in the last 80 years it ever was about the economy, it's now.

I hope Obama brings up the suppressed report from the Joint Chiefs that shows we're getting our asses kicked in Afghanistan and outlines a plan to fix it. He needs to show some credibility as a military strategist.

But all in all, he's a much smarter man than McCain and I think it will show. This is no time to elect a mediocrity you'd like to watch the game with.