Monday, November 13, 2006

Fool me twice

"Fool me twice - you can't fool me"

-George Bush-

Whatever that was supposed to mean, it's obvious he's oblivious. Among the things that hurt the Republicans last week was the appearance of widespread corruption. Another thing was the infamous Terry Schaivo case that alienated those who thought Government should stay out of private family matters.

So what does President Can't fool me do to replace the outgoing RNC Chairman, the allegedly gay Ken Mehlman, but choose Florida's own Cuban born Senator Mel Martinez who according to CNN "has been the target of an FEC investigation into the under-reporting of campaign debt by half a million dollars, and another FEC complaint regarding improper solicitation of corporate donations."

If that weren't enough, Martinez' chief legal counsel had to resign after being exposed as the source of a memo that according to the Miami Herald "laid out the political benefits to getting involved in the fate of Terri Schiavo, a Florida woman whose end-of-life battle became a rallying cry for conservatives." It also became a rallying cry for those who voted out their Republicans.

Martinez, who had he arrived from Mexico and not Cuba, would have been an illegal alien, has served in George W. Bush's cabinet and is just the sort of person the unimproved, unenlightened and steadfastly clueless Bush would pick; measuring only his abject loyalty and ignoring the fact that he's doing just what caused his party to take a "thumping" on November 7th.

Nice going George. You'll make it all the easier to get rid of the rest of the Republican running dogs in 2008. Can't fool you George!


mrsleep said...

Republican inbreeding = just desserts

Intellectual Insurgent said...

Not much different than bringing in one of the architects of Iran-Contra as the replacement for Rummy. Amazing. And this happens simply because the American populace has the attention span and historical knowledge of a flea.

Capt. Fogg said...

That may be an insult to fleas.