Friday, November 17, 2006

A higher Father - a lower America

So you think the Republicans got the message on November 7th? Think again. The Condescending Twit in Chief plans, says Raw Story, to appoint Dr. Eric Kerouack, the former medical director of A Woman’s Concern, which runs crisis pregnancy centers in Massachusetts that offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds and pregnancy counseling, to control Title X funding.

Title X serves nearly 5 million clients a year, the vast majority of whom are below the poverty line; people who are the most likely to need real medical information, not medieval dogma; people who would be the most likely to have unwanted pregnancies, STDs and the most likely to suffer catastrophically from them. Kerouack however, opposes abortion and also opposes sex education, which includes giving information about sexually transmitted diseases and information about birth control.

We might as well have a witch doctor in the position and we could save a lot of the taxpayer’s money by simply putting up signs saying “don’t have sex” and “If you’ve got the clap – you deserve to die from it.” We don’t need a physician if all we get from him is a slogan and a sermon. Most of all we do not need a government that governs in opposition to the will of the governed, in opposition to truth, justice, compassion and decency and in obedience to ancient superstition. We are losing our liberty by the hour.

Can we impeach George Bush fast enough?


d nova said...

u know, those bozos are really starting 2 get on my nerves.... ;]

Anonymous said...

d nova has a point :)

No, the election of Boehner (former head of the party) shows the repug caucus understood nothing from the elections. And they will continue to lie, deceive, mislead, and continue their path as if nothing had changed and no voice from the electorate had been received. I'm reconsidering my original call for rapprochement with the minority, foolishly believing that they had seen the writing on the wall,'s hopeless.

RR said...

No -- we can't impeach fast enough.

We're being led my a man who puts his trust in fantasy above fact... someone who talks to imaginary people in the sky.

If this were a civilized nation we'd have laughed him out of the public eye when he considered running back in 2000: instead, we have a population that values superstition more than science -- hence a nut-case like Bush can become president.