Friday, November 10, 2006

Stupid, stupid, stupid part IV

Think it’s over, now that the republicans have been slapped down? Think again. It will be over when the Rabid Right media are off the air, strangled by their own microphone cords, when stupidity disappears from the gene pool. That’s right, it will never be over.

Just a moment ago Tucker Carlson, that smug, self-important, know-nothing little twink, said on MSNBC: “Nancy Pelosi’s victory was a victory for women everywhere? People don’t like Democrats because they say stupid things like that. “

That’s the Fox trick: “people say” is what the Fox flatulators give us when they are trying to smear something without smearing it, give the impression that public opinion is one way while it’s another way; appear as a majority when they are not. Sure Tucker, people don’t like Democrats. “People” don’t like you either. They don’t like you because you keep harping on the idea that al Qaeda is celebrating a Democratic victory as though you could tie Nancy Pelosi to Osama and that makes you a lying sack of shit in a sport jacket.

People don’t like you Tucker and I don’t like you and I hope you’re satisfied with the adulation of the people who pretend to intelligence, legion though they may be, because the rest of us don’t like you.

Same goes for cartoonist Glenn McCoy, whose New York Times cartoon yesterday showed a buck toothed hillbilly bragging about switching to the Democrats while someone reads a newspaper blazing with headlines about how the economy is great, the Dow is up and there hasn’t been an attack on US soil in 5 years. Maybe there ought to be non-sequitur warning labels – warnings about his doodles being overly stressful to people with three digit IQ’s. Maybe I’ll draw a cartoon of Glenn McCoy selling pencils while the Dow goes up or being torn to pieces by baboons while the Dow goes up. Maybe “people” who know something about economics, will say it’s funny.

We are not free of the disease, the cancer cells are everywhere and if we ever manage to rid ourselves of it, it will be a long, hard and painful experience. Get used to it. The struggle is just beginning, there will never be a victory, only survival, day by day


Anonymous said...

I'm still waiting for Rush's apology, which he promised in the event he could be convinced that Michael J. Fox was either acting or went off his meds to do the stem cell PSA. Well, despite scores of neurologists affirming that his behavior was the RESULT of meds for Parkinson's that allow him to be communicative at all, no word from Rush. Oh well, given the five second attention span of the Repugs anyway, what difference does it make, right?

Capt. Fogg said...

Rush has made apologies before - just enough so that he can pretend to be a fair and reasonable man. I don't think he will mention this incident again however. It's become another Republican myth that Fox was faking.

Personally I think Rush ought to be allowed all the Oxycontin he wants. Sooner or later he will overdose.