Thursday, November 02, 2006

Sic, sic, sic

I don’t need to cite Katherine Harris as evidence for my belief that our species is the lowest form of vertebrate life on Earth. Indeed, I’m sure that rats and moles and blue-assed baboons have their atavisms and throwbacks and genetic mistakes. It’s the fact that people, albeit a minority of people, do support her that makes me dream of some massive asteroid to cleanse our world of our miserable genome and allow some still humble type of life to progress beyond our pathetic limitations: perhaps some bacteria or slime mold could, given 100 million years or so, evolve into something less slimy and moldy than a Florida Republican.

The televised “debate” between the Republican Ms. Harris and incumbent Florida Democratic Senator Bill Nelson last night contained as few surprises as any of these contrived events do: Harris lies, twitters and evades pointed questions as to why Jews can't be trusted to serve in office and the obviously frustrated Nelson danced around the question of whether he would have voted to allow George Bush to invade Iraq if he had known what all of us now know and some of us now admit about Saddam’s fictitious arsenal. None of these events really change anyone’s minds and so many were calcified at birth or traumatized into irrationality in childhood that their political leanings might as well be genetic and perhaps some of them are.

You can see the evidence for the hopelessness of Democracy in the comments lift on the Palm Beach Post’s web site. To a rational person – assuming the possibility exists of finding one – the choice is clear: an imperfect, fallible, but basically sane and relatively incorruptible Nelson Vs. a drooling, twittering demented, desperately ambitious and massively dishonest Harris. To Republicans the answer is to vote Republican without scruple or concern.

After all, she believes in Church control of government and the NRA endorses her, but mostly she’s not a “Liberal,” a term which in the Republican vocabulary is an absolute and which requires no definition because it’s just bad. Liberals spend money and intrude on your life, but since Republicans spend more money and intrude much further into your life and your private beliefs while stealing from you, these things aren’t what it’s all about. Liberal is just Liberal and Liberal is just bad and so you read the comments of the rabble and you dream of the end of the world.

Reading these comments from liberals is startling. How in the world would anyone in there [sic] right mind say nelson [sic] in [sic] a moderate he is a full blown liberal and why would anyone want to give congress more money. [sic]Do you have extra money you don’t want? There seems [sic] to be a lot of democrats in PBC that are in serious need of medical attention.”

says a typically illiterate Republican. Sic, sic sic and sick, sick, sick. I’m nearly as speechless as that writer is ungrammatical and I’m angrier than he is stupid. Come on Yahweh – the experiment is over and it failed. Just pull the plug, drop the asteroid, start the flood, and if you do send dead people anywhere, don’t send me where there are other people.

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hey, don't get misanthropic over a few levophobes.

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