Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Jesus Crist!

Charles Joseph “Charlie” Crist, barring some divine interference, will be Florida’s next governor. He won the position over Jim Davis the old fashioned way; by answering every question, including the question of whether the 8 million dollars he took from developers looking to exploit what remains of Florida would influence him, by endlessly parroting “Jim Davis will raise your taxes”

The public seems to have little knowledge as to what a Governor can do and can’t do, but Floridians rich and poor, fear taxation more than all else even if a reduction won't affect them or costs them far more in the long run.

Charlie, like too many religiopathic phonies these days, always refers to any personal gain as a “blessing” and so he did once again in his acceptance speech last night – as though he won because of the invisible man instead of visible votes. The Attorney General, who presided over the illegal, immoral and improper exclusion by Katherine Harris’ cronies of at least 50,000 minority voters that guaranteed George W. Bush the opportunity to slither into the White House, said he has "truly lived a blessed life."

Charlie never missed a chance to point out that he reveres Ronald Reagan and loves Jesus and particularly when asked the kind of questions a voter would want to know about his finances. He calls Jeb “Big Sugar” Bush, America’s greatest Governor. His greatest talent perhaps, other than his mane of Gubernatorial white hair is his ability to look constituents straight in the eye and insist that the Republicans stand for smaller and less intrusive and of course less expensive government.

Of course you can’t underestimate his personal charm, the kind of charm that lets him lose a debate about specific issues and appear to have won. In this respect he does really resemble Reagan, but in other respects the 50 year old, carefully groomed bachelor reminds me more of Mark Foley.

Still we have to have some small consolation in knowing that Charlie is far less easily described as a conservative than either Foley or Bush. We shall have to wait and see whether he will stand up to major contributors and do something about the insurance companies that are milking my State and the Sugar cartel that is polluting it or the oil companies that want to drill here. We shall see whether Florida, a State without its own income tax can actually lower taxes and increase education spending to raise our educational standards from the bottom of the country. We shall see.

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