Thursday, November 16, 2006

More Lott and lots more.

Have the Republicans really listened? Have they really accepted the dissatisfaction of the voters or are they simply distracting us with conciliatory rhetoric while rounding up the right wing cranks and regrouping for the next battle?

The recrudescence of Trent Lott as Minority whip is disturbing and for more reasons then the image of a man wearing makeup and a cheap wig whipping Republicans can ordinarily conjure up. With black leather boot troopers like Mel Martinez and Lott being “made” in the same week it’s tempting to speculate that nothing has changed and that the Republicans intend to stay the course.

I do have to marvel at John McCain who seems to be as eager to ingratiate himself with the dark side as he is to be President. "He's the most effective leader I know," says the submissive McCain of Senator Lott – as though the effectiveness of leadership were more important than the direction we’re all being led in. But maybe that’s the story. Perhaps there is no intention of doing what the voters seem to have voted for and taking us in a new direction. Perhaps their plan is to find a more ferocious F├╝hrer to whip us back into line.

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Anonymous said...

McCain sold his soul some time back, so these comments don't surprise me one bit. And don't be surprised if Newt is brought back into the fold to do strategic planning for 2008. And, sadly, I don't underestimate any of them.