Tuesday, November 07, 2006

It's your fault.

There's always a reason to vote. There's always a choice worth making and if there weren't it would still be worth voting. Every citizen who opts out hastens the demise of what democracy we have left and if they argue we've already lost it; if they argue that all candidates are the same; that the entire system is corrupt and beyond redemption, the circularities they create are of the viscious kind and the society they undermine is the one that gave the only hope of choice, of liberty and democracy.

The "what difference does it make?" attitude gave us George W. Bush and his crusade. Fatuous excuses for not voting ensured that a candidate supported by barely half of the third who vote took over the government and brought the country to its knees. It makes a difference and the lesser of two evils is less evil, none the less. It makes a difference if it does no more than show the junta that they have to deal with all of us rather than just the bigots, the Xenophobes, the glossolaliac evangelists and the greedy corporations. It makes a difference.

Sure, everyone has a plausible excuse but some reduce to a hatred of democracy, some have their theocracies, their plutocracies, their Technocracies and other dipshit dogmas to sell and would welcome the chaos and collapse as fertile ground for their green utopias and libertarian plutopias and nitwit post-apocalyptic dream worlds. It may have been raining or snowing or too hot or too cold or they may have been too tired to vote. Doing the right thing is often uncomfortable. The road to hell however, is a lovely boulevard with no stop lights, no frustrations - and no off-ramp. Enjoy the ride and don't complain.


RR said...

Things look promising capt... don't despair.

Capt. Fogg said...

It's far short of my fondest dreams, but it's a start. Voter turnout was relatively high and about as high as it should be considering the near total ignorance of many people who have no idea who is running for what and why it makes a difference.

If the misbegotten bastards lose the Senate it would be far better, but it's still too close to call.