Monday, November 06, 2006

A wooden stake?

Nothing has improved in Iraq or elsewhere, but I read in the Times that pollsters are claiming that Bush, like Dracula after sundown, is rising up from the dirt. Why? Are the idiots of America idiotic enough to think that the verdict against Saddam to be announced after the election means anything in terms of the fantasy that Iraq will stop being a hell hole and become a beacon of enlightenment values and democracy? In what possible way did this trial prove anything other than that we have the courthouse surrounded with troops?

I would like to think that nobody is that stupid. There has been no progress whatever toward any of Bush's stated goals in Iraq regardless of which of the various explanations they are contained in. Violence is on the increase, corruption in the puppet government and support of death squads is ever more apparent. All the money budgeted for the restoration of the country has been stolen, much of it by Bush's pet corporations and the vast majority of Iraqis want us out today if not sooner. I'm afraid that Americans are indeed that stupid.

The execution of Saddam will have no positive effect and will further mobilize Sunnis toward violence; will further promote our image as invaders, crusaders and despoilers and further erase any vestiges of American prestige.

This is a reason to vote for crooks, cooks, perverts, liars and Bush supporters. If the bastards win, America as we thought we knew it does not exist.

I'm packing my bags.


d.K. said...

Actually, the administration played down the guilty verdict/ death sentence to a surprising degree. Perhaps someone there realized that the effect wouldn't be a positive thing - the Shite's will rejoice while they await the violent retribution by the Sunni's - and someone has figured that out. Gee, even we can occasionally be surprised by the news cycle.

Capt. Fogg said...

You may be right, but it's also possible that they just don't want to mention the war - at least until tomorrow.