Thursday, November 09, 2006

It's a Gay Old Party

"You dont go to the same Bath houses I do"

-Bill Maher to Larry King-

It seems like Bill Maher’s “outing” of Ken Mehlman on Larry King has made CNN so upset that they are going after bloggers who have posted clips on sites like YouTube; telling them to cease and desist, even though the use of an 8 second excerpt is considered fair use.

Maher’s assertion that many of the bigwigs in the GOP are gay is far from being new and far from being unbelievable in light of recent scandals. I have my own suspicions regarding those who protest far too much about the “gay agenda” and I did so even before David Brock published Blinded by the Right. It’s not that I would object if the entire party were gay, but looking at other organizations with a thousand years or more of gay bashing under their belts, I can see how the GOP might have become a hiding place for those who hate what they are and fear identification. What I object to of course is the mission of the party of smaller, less intrusive government to make everyone’s private business the government’s business.

Is Mehlman gay? I’m not a Washington insider or any other kind of insider, and I’m not going to claim that gay people are necessarily detectable even if I had the uncanny ability or any interest in identifying them, but I tend to credit Maher whatever his sources might be. You can still see the clip on the Huffington Post and decide for yourself.

CNN opines that Mehlman will be leaving soon, whether or not it has anything to do with his sexual preferences. Can we hope that Trent Lott will follow on his heels? Not that I’m suggesting anything.

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